A VPN is first and foremost a security tool that serves to protect your personal data, how can we make sure that we protect ourselves on the internet?

It is the best way to guarantee the security of exchanges and the integrity of what circulates. No one may intercept or alter the content that passes between you and the Internet. All VPNs master this aspect. The only differences are in the level of encryption and the operating mode of the encryption. By default the encryption level is 256-bit AES which is commonly used. The operating mode is often CBC (the way the encryption is done). Prefer VPN barato @ Argentina with a GCM operating mode (faster and it authenticates at the same time as it encrypts).

Prefer VPNs with a GCM operating mode.

  • VPN Technical: Private Internet Access. The level of encryption and the ability to change this level makes Private Internet Access the benchmark in the field of security.
  • Performing VPN: NordVPN. This VPN offers the maximum level: AES 256 bit GCM.
  • Anonymization – Anonymization is something complex. Its basis is the NO LOG coupled with an anonymous payment. VPNs specialized in anonymization often add TOR or Dual VPN options.
    • VPN spécialiste: NordVPN is an audited NO LOG VPN. S’ adds TOR over VPN access and Double VPN servers!
    • Technical VPN: AirVPN is a technical VPN with multiple configurations. Only VPN à offer a combination TOR + VPN in both access paths.
  • P2P Torrent – VPNs have really become popular with the growing need to be able to download Torrents as anonymously as possible. VPNs master this usage well. The VPNs « Torrent friendly » offer a NO LOG to never disclose your IP, fast and compatible servers like Holland, a Kill switch (IP protection in case of VPN cut).
    • VPN spécialiste: NordVPN is the great spécialiste of Torrents. You will have all the tools (NO LOG – P2P servers – Kill switch) to download Torrents safely.
    • Performing VPN: PureVPN performs very well with Torrents. A P2P mode is ready as soon as the software is launched. This mode is ready for those who want to download Torrents anonymously and without having to configure anything like Surfshark.
  • Streaming with KODI – FireStick – Tablets – Ordi – Protecting your Streaming on g&eacute or Sports Streaming sites do not require special VPN skills. VPNs must offer on the one hand the possibility to install on FireStick, KODI as well as on Android or Windows systems and on the other hand offer fast enough servers not to penalize the Streaming.
    • The most competitive VPN: NordVPN. For this activity of Streaming on multiple media NordVPN is the most competitive. It offers applications for all these media. As these servers are fast you will have no problems with your streaming.
    • Performing VPN: IPVanish is ré in KODI and FireStick users.

  • Net Neutrality – Net neutrality is not an old concept. On the contrary, the idea that your ISP should be neutral with respect to your usage (streaming, surfing, torrenting, online games), your connection locations (YouTube, Facebook) and your connection times is essential. Some ISPs take the liberty of limiting the bandwidth of their subscribers according to their use of their Internet connection. VPNs guarantee this net neutrality. The best VPNs have no usage or bandwidth limitations. Once connected to one of their servers you get an IP of the Country you are connected to, the secure encryption of OpenVPN and net neutrality.
    • Premium VPN: NordVPN – No usage or bandwidth limitations. No loading time or connection time limits. All protocols are accepted: HTTPS – NNTP – IRC – Torrent – eMule – … .
    • Performing VPN: Private Internet Access s asserts itself as a VPN défending off freedom on the Net.
  • Securing WIFI access – VPNs are especially useful when using very public WiFi; VPNs are especially useful when you are using very insecure public WiFi such as Free HotSpots, McDonald’s networks, bars, restaurants and airports. WIFI is not a wired technology so intercepting data is quite simple. In addition there are free applications that are quite effective in sniffing WIFI. Even without being a cracker you can do it. The VPN will encrypt all data between you and the WIFI. With excellent encryption protocols like IKEv2 or OpenVPN nobody will be able to intercept anything.
    • VPN Technique: PureVPN offers OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. The latter is excellent because it prevents all connections if the VPN is inactive. In addition PureVPN has a « Hotspot » option in its software that allows you to share your VPN connection.
    • VPN Performing: NordVPN has all the qualities to secure your WIFI connections.
  • Empire mass surveillance – When you go on the Internet you êtes tracked à the trace. Schedules, incoming sites, outgoing sites, cookies, browsers, search engines, keywords, operating systems, time spent on a site, number of GBs loaded, protocols used, connection mode, connection logs, etc. All these data are captured, classified and compiled. Then a profile is created. After one year, by constantly using your IP F.A.I. we know everything about you! This is why you have to use a VPN. VPNs use what is called dynamic IPs NO LOG. At each connection you will have a different IP so no risk of compilation. In addition VPNs will not keep track of your connection à their services.
    • Premium VPN: NordVPN offers excellent dynamic IPs. NordVPN is more than 5500 servers réparties in 59 countries. Your Internet profile will no longer be able to be rerouted.